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Active Recovery Tips for Golfers

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Learn about active recovery tips for golfers including:

  • Using SummaTape to recover sore muscles and tendons
  • SummaMix for eye health and cognitive functioning
  • Stretches to use to help relieve a sore lower back



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Sound familiar? If it does, then there’s an extremely good chance you’re either a golfer, or you know one personally. If you happen to be a passive onlooker, you might assume that the steady stream of four-letter words pouring from golfers’ mouths stems purely from poor play. But while you might be mostly correct, mostly correct doesn’t qualify as “right.” You see, besides the skill and mental fortitude it takes to excel at the game of golf, many spectators forget about one very important aspect… 

…the recovery! 

While that may sound confusing in this context, I’m not talking about what you do after you slice one into the woods off the tee or hit your ball into a bunker on your approach shot, then have to scramble in order to try to save par. I’m talking about your post-round routine; or in other words, what you do after you sink that final putt on 18 to help your body heal. Playing golf puts a lot more stress on your mind and body than you realize. From trying to impress your friends by swinging out of your shoes on the tee box of a par five, to trekking up and down hills lugging your 25-40lb. golf bag on your back for the better part of four hours, there’s no shortage of physical strain throughout the gentleman’s game. I could go on for hours about how many different ways there are to injure yourself while playing golf, but I’m assuming you likely didn’t click this article to hear about them, now did you? That being said, let’s get into some active recovery tips for golfers like you and me.

Post-Round or Practice Stretches Perfect for Golfers

If you know even a shred about anything exercise-related, you know how important stretching is before and after physical activity. In order to be the best golfer you can be, stretching before and after your round or practice session is an absolute must. In the context of golf, loose and relaxed is good, mainly because it means your joints, tissues, and muscles are warmed up for the challenge ahead and are getting the circulation they need. But given that this is an article about active recovery and not preparation or pre-round rituals, we’ll just talk about post-round or practice performance-boosting stretches, starting with the lower back.

Lower Back Stretches to Help Your Golf Swing

The lower back takes a beating as you’re golfing. With all that body twisting coupled with maintaining the correct posture throughout every swing and the stress of being on your feet for hours, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you, nor anyone else reading this article. To combat soreness and aid your body’s recovery, try some nice, easy knee lifts where you simply raise one knee to your chest while standing, keep it there for a few seconds, then do the same thing to your other leg and repeat three times. If you still feel like you could use a little extra recovery boost that continues for hours, you could also try CBD-infused kinesiology tape, like SummaForte’s SummaTape. 

Use SummaTape™for Post-Round or Practice Recovery

If you love golf as much as I do, you know how achy your lower back can feel after hitting a couple of large buckets into the sky above the driving range or spending the better part of a Saturday afternoon hacking away for less than a desirable score on your card. That’s where SummaTape™ comes in. SummaForte’s SummaTape™ is a menthol and CBD-infused kinesiology tape that could help you alleviate a wide variety of aches and strains (including, but not limited to, those in your lower back).  It uses transdermal delivery technology. Kinesiology tape like SummaTape™ is designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity and range of motion. SummaTape™ comes in “slim strips” and “standard strips” so it can be applied strategically to fit the part of the body in need. SummaTape™ provides the support of a traditional kinesiology tape but, due to the menthol and CBD, it also helps lessen pain, reduce swelling, and hasten recovery. And as we all know, a good recovery is indispensable when it comes to achieving peak performance. The menthol improves blood flow and provides nearly instant, direct relief to joints, muscles, and ligaments. CBD also helps counter inflammation by attaching to receptors in the body’s internal system designed to keep you physically and mentally balanced. What all this really means is less time grunting or groaning in pain on the couch, and more time winning matches on the links. If you feel so inclined to purchase this wonderful product already helping top PGA Tour players, Olympians, and other stars, you’ll probably want to know how to use it first. View the SummaForte instructional videos at your leisure, and enjoy all the benefits of SummaTape™!

SummaRest™ & the Importance of Sleep for Golfers

While stretching is one of the best things you can do to help your body recover from a long day on the links or at the range, it’s important to keep in mind one of the best options for recovery for any sport: rest. It may sound obvious, but too many amateur players who are absolutely hooked on the game don’t give rest and a good night’s sleep the attention it deserves. Instead, they’ll stay up for hours on end watching videos on how to fix their swings. (Definitely not something I’ve ever done. Nope. Not me at all.) Sleep is absolutely crucial for maintaining your body’s circadian rhythms and giving it the time it needs to repair or recharge everything that is damaged or lost during the time you spend with a club in your hand. Making sure you get enough rest every night is absolutely crucial for bringing your A-Game every round. If you happen to have trouble sleeping, I would recommend trying SummaRest™ the night before your round. It combines CBN and CBD (from the hemp plant) with another natural botanical, valerian root, in order to give you a non-addictive, sugar-free, melatonin-free, additive-free sleep solution that can help you fall – and stay – asleep. Plus, you won’t wake up groggy the morning after taking it, meaning you’ll be ready, willing, and able to play your best, no matter how high or low the stakes may be. 

Active Recovery Means Less Cursing & More Competing

Golf makes you twist and turn your body in unusual ways that leave you feeling all sorts of sore, but it doesn’t have to. With the right pre and post-round or range session routines, you can minimize that soreness and maximize your performance. Follow these tips, and you’ll be turning “oh sh*t” to “oh what a shot” in no time!