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General Tips

Clean skin with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol before applying tape.
Avoid touching the adhesive during application.
For better adhesion, trim hair before application.
Moderately stretch middle section of the tape while applying.
Don't stretch ends. Firmly press to anchor.
Once applied, rub tape firmly with smooth side of paper backing to activate the adhesive.

Applying SummaTape

Apply SummaTape from Midde

Stretch and twist in the middle to tear.
Peel back both torn pieces exposing the middle of the tape.
Moderately stretch and apply exposed middle, then peel back and apply ends. Anchor final inch without stretching.

Apply SummaTape from End

Peel paper backing one inch from the end.
Press exposed end on skin without stretching.
Peel back paper and moderately stretch tape while applying. Anchor final inch without stretching.

Removing SummaTape

General removal tips

Step 1
Start by peeling a corner or end of the tape.
Step 2
Peel of slowly, pressing down directly in front of the tape to reduce skin lift.
Step 3
Continue to press skin in front of the tape as it is exposed until fully removed.

Tips for sensitive skin

Step 1
Rub tape with warm water and soap or baby oil.
Step 2
Let tape soak for a few minutes.
Step 3
Follow general removal tips, peeling the tape off slowly and pressing down on exposed skin to reduce skin lift.

Hands, Arms & Wrists

Gamer's Hand

Thumb Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Tennis Elbow

Neck, Back & Shoulders

Mid/Upper Back Strain

Lower Back Strain

Neck Strain


Legs & Feet

Achilles Tendinitis/Plantar Fasciitis

Knee Pain