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    The Surprising Benefits of Resistance Training for Athletes

    Are you an athlete looking for ways to ramp up your workout routine? Look no further, since today we're diving into the exciting world of resistance training. Resistance training, also known as strength or weight training, is an essential part...
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    How to Relieve Tennis Elbow Naturally: A Comprehensive Guide for Tennis Players

    Hey there, tennis enthusiasts! Today, we're going to discuss a common issue many tennis players face: tennis elbow. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition that occurs when the tendons in your elbow are overused, typically from repetitive...
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    How to Use Kinesiology Tape for General Shoulder Pain Relief

    As an athlete, you're no stranger to aches and pains, especially when it comes to your shoulders. Pushing your body to the limit can often lead to discomfort and injury. That's where kinesiology tape comes in. This innovative and versatile...
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    How SummaMix™ Can Improve Your Golf Game

    Have you ever tried to slam a revolving door?  Become a surgeon?  Learn Mandarin?  Win an argument with someone of questionable intelligence over the internet? The common thread between all of these daunting tasks is their shared difficulty level, which...
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    Active Recovery Tips for Golfers

    D’OH!  AGH!  SH*T!  Ouch! Sound familiar? If it does, then there’s an extremely good chance you’re either a golfer, or you know one personally. If you happen to be a passive onlooker, you might assume that the steady stream of...
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    The Graston TechniqueⓇ and You: A Match Made in Physical Therapy Heaven

    To what lengths would you go to treat a nagging (seemingly chronic?)  ailment? Would you use holistic medicine? Pay a small fortune? Cross state lines? Navigate a sketchy dirt road for a late-night visit to a garage owned by some...
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    4 Reasons to Use SummaTape™ After a Soft Tissue Massage

    There is nothing like a massage. From Thai to Swedish to deep tissue – there’s an option for everyone. To be honest, part of the reason I work out is so I can have an excuse to get a massage....
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