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    What He’s Learned in the Mountains: SummaForte-Sponsored Athlete Michael Wirth Shares Tips on Training, Nutrition, Recovery, and Focus.

    “Move. Listen. Never halt movement, as that could halt the heartbeat.” Michael Wirth, a rising young star in the backcountry skiing and ultrarunning world, is on the move. He just completed Colorado’s Elks Traverse, a 60-mile mountain run across seven...
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    Adderall vs Healthy Alternatives for Gamers

    Dr. Peter Grinspoon, MDInstructor, Harvard Medical SchoolClinical Physician, Mass General Hospital It's no secret that many gamers use Adderall as a performance enhancer. As someone who is fourteen years in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids, I am literally the...
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    Hemp’s Friendly Family Profile

    Jeff ThinnesCEO, SummaForte So recently I’ve been telling my friends that I'm launching a company promoting health, wellness, and high performance for gamers, traditional athletes, and others. They get it, but looking for more they then ask “so what’s new about...
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    Esports is Gaining Olympic Respect!

    Jeff ThinnesCEO, SummaForte Recently the International Olympic Committee announced that they will integrate esports into the 2024 Olympics in Paris. This generated some trash talking, mostly from people who have not played esports -- probably the children of parents who a generation ago...
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    Keep a Healthy Eye on Your Game

    Professor Andrea Holmes, PhD  Member of SummaForte Advisory Committee  Founder/Director of the Cannabis Studies Department, Doane University Amanda McKinney, M.D.Board Member, American College of Lifestyle Medicine  Keep a Healthy Eye on Your Game! While screen time is an inescapable part life, it...
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    Injuries Taking out Top Gamers – Focus your Sights on Healthy Performance!

    Jeff ThinnesCEO, SummaForte  Don’t play yourself into an injury-caused early retirement!  The days of “healthy performance” as an oxymoron are over.  Did you know that within a 7-month period the Gaming community saw two international heroes retire their controllers due to physical injuries, stress and anxiety. In June 2020...
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    Gaming: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly -- and How to Help

    Dr. Peter Grinspoon, M.D.   Member of SummaForte Advisory Committee  Primary Care Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital  Instructor, Harvard Medical School   Over 160 million Americans play video games – about half the population. It is mostly adults who game. According to a recent survey, only one-fifth...
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