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    What He’s Learned in the Mountains: SummaForte-Sponsored Athlete Michael Wirth Shares Tips on Training, Nutrition, Recovery, and Focus.

    “Move. Listen. Never halt movement, as that could halt the heartbeat.” Michael Wirth, a rising young star in the backcountry skiing and ultrarunning world, is on the move. He just completed Colorado’s Elks Traverse, a 60-mile mountain run across seven...
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    Kinesiology Tape + CBD = Superior Performance & Recovery

    When I began racing marathons and Ironman triathlons, I noticed many athletes with strange-looking tape woven intricately across shoulders, knees, quad muscles, calves, and necks. Some patterns were so elaborate they looked like neon spiderwebs or the swirling Scandinavian designs...
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    7 Super Foods to Fight Inflammation & Speed Recovery

    When I started participating in Ironman races, I learned that a diet of pizza, wine, and donuts was not the best nutrition plan to fuel my body for a year of demanding training culminating in a grueling 140.6-mile race. So,...
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    Why should gamers care about delivery methods of cannabinoids and bioavailability?

    Cannabinoids, like CBD, are “greasy” molecules but the human body is predominantly water; and as we all learned in chemistry class, oil and water do not mix. As a result, only a surprisingly small percentage (anywhere from 6-19%) of the...
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    Nootropics...the ‘Noo’ Buzzword!

    Did you know that nootropics are supplements that have been shown to enhance your brain’s performance through improved memory, creativity, motivation, and attention? They work by dilating the blood vessels in the brain, which increases oxygen and nutrient flow to...
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