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Enabling Peak Performance and Rapid Recovery

Innovative Delivery Methods

The SummaForte difference is in our commitment to using the latest extraction and delivery technologies to ensure we can consistently meet customer expectations. That means clean and toxin free extraction, and ingredient delivery that is fast, effective, and most importantly good for your body. Why add more stress to your system if you don’t need to?

What is DehydraTech™ technology?

Lexaria Bioscience’s special DehydraTECH technology used in SummaMix enables us to embed our CBD in long chain fatty acids. This acts as a carrier for the CBD, and bypasses the liver, resulting in faster onset and higher bio-absorprtion. Our CBD starts working in as few as 15-20 minutes after ingestion, and is up to 10X more effective than competing brands since it isn’t diluted in the digestive system.

What is transdermal delivery technology?

SummaTape’s adhesive is infused with our premium CBD and menthol. It also includes a stabilizer called Kollidon CL-M which allows for the release of our CBD and menthol through the skin, providing direct relief to joints, muscles, and ligaments in the area where the tape is applied. The result is superior anti-inflammatory benefits compared to creams and standard kinesiology tapes.

What is Broad Spectrum Hemp, and why do we use it?

Our award-winning “Lifter” hemp is full of beneficial nutrients, including our CBD and 100+ others that work together to maintain a state of homeostasis - or balance - in the mind and body. Broad-spectrum hemp offers more restorative and therapeutic properties than isolate strains that include a handful of cannabinoids and therefore a reduced set of benefits.

Click here to see the Certificates of Analysis with detailed information on our Lifter strain.

Introduction to Trichomes

Trichomes, the hairs on the surface of the hemp plant, play an important role in producing the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are responsible for the therapeutic benefits experienced when you use SummaForte products


The human body’s endocannabinoid system contains two main tyes of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. That system mirrors that of the phytocannabinoid system in plants like hemp. When cannabinoids such as CBD or CBN are ingested by the humans, they interact directly with receptors to bring your mind and body back into balance, through a process also known as homeostasis.


These molecules are largely resonsible for the taste and aroma in hemp and many other plants. They also have the ability to interact with other cannibanoids like CBD and CBN and elevate their benefits. This process is commonly referred to as the “entourage effect”.


Flavanoids are anti-oxidant rich nutrients responsible for helping your body self-regulate. They are not only found in hemp, but also many other common plants, fruits, and vegetables. They protect from unwanted toxins and may even decrease your risk of some chronic helath conditions.

Sports Medicine Advisor Spotlight

We actively engage with leading doctors, scientists, and sports medicine professionals to continue to further position ourselves as a leader in sports performance and recovery.

Meet Dr. Kevin Elder

Leading Sports Medicine Doctor

Dr. Elder is a renowned sports medicine doctor based in Tampa, Florida. He looks for creative solutions for injuries and pain, helping patients and athletes optimize function, and is one of the most experienced doctors in the Southeast performing ultrasound-guided procedures including PRP and Bone Marrow Aspirate - BMAC/stem cell treatments. He has extensive team physician coverage experience and is currently team physician for the U.S. Soccer and U.S. Ski teams.

Meet Dr. Tom Klein

Leading Orthopedic Doctor

Dr. Klein is active in medical leadership roles and has served as Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics at Reston Hospital and as Quality Management Chairman of OrthoVirginia. He has been recognized in several issues of the Washingtonian Magazine as one of the top orthopedic doctors in the region and has treated some of the the DC area's most elite athletes over the past twenty years.

Meet Kevin Pillifant

Leading Certified Athletic Trainer

Kevin Pillifant is a Certified Athletic Trainer and expert in functional movement, exercise and rehab, manual therapy, Graston Technique, kinesio taping, cupping, and dry needling. He has worked with the NFL, Major League Baseball, X Games, United States Paralympic Ski Team, United States Luge Team, and the MLS Soccer.

Meet Dr. Lindsey Migliore

Leading Esports Medicine Expert

Dr. Lindsey Migliore is a licensed medical doctor in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation and is at the forefront of bringing sports science to esports. She currently serves the role as Director of Performance for team Evil Geniuses, responsible for integrating sports science into training, performance, and recovery for the organizations player’s and coaches.

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