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4 Reasons to Use SummaTape™ After a Soft Tissue Massage

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Whether you’re in physical therapy, want to feel better, faster, and stronger, or are curious about the ways CBD can help you feel better in your everyday life, our unique line of SummaForte products is here for you.

There is nothing like a massage. From Thai to Swedish to deep tissue – there’s an option for everyone. To be honest, part of the reason I work out is so I can have an excuse to get a massage. Whether you’re a nurse or teacher on your feet all day, a remote desk worker, or a world-renowned athlete, everyone can reap the benefits of a massage. While I understand why one would like a deep tissue massage that digs deep to release knots and help with severe tension, I am not in the massage game for the pain, I am in it to R-E-L-A-X. I love soft tissue massage because it works all my muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia while also improving my range of motion. While a soft tissue massage is great on its own, following it up at home with some SummaTape™ can enhance your recovery even more.

Now you might be wondering, “How will SummaTape™ further improve my recovery?” Well, I’m glad you asked because I love talking about the therapeutic benefits of CBD, and specifically, our CBD-infused kinesiology tape! Say that three times fast. Just kidding, you can call it by its legal name, SummaTape™. SummaTape™ is special for myriad reasons, but to make it easier to tell your friends how it could change their lives, I’ll give you four easy talking points.

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1. Kinesiology Tape is Easy to Use

First off, it’s as simple as putting on a Band-Aid, but the benefits begin immediately. First, you get immediate support for specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments that you might need to reinforce to either boost performance or even help prevent injury. Then comes the recovery benefits!  After over-stressing your muscles or ligaments, similar to how a massage therapist or physical therapist is trained to manipulate and heal the soft tissues of your body, SummaTape is designed to help do the same. You don’t have to stir a powder or take a pill to experience the benefits of CBD and menthol with SummaTape’s transdermal delivery system. It absorbs right through your skin and works to help relieve muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation.

The lightweight kinesiology tape mimics the skin’s elasticity and range of motion to provide the support your body needs and to reduce exercise-induced inflammation and swelling.

For application and removal instructions, check out our step-by-step video from Dr. Barbara Kapas, DPT.

2. Menthol & CBD Can Help Fight Exercise-Induced Inflammation

Many of us have grown up using the thick cream or gel that goes from cold to hot when we put it on our skin, right? Sure, people rave about the relief they feel, but what they don’t tell you is their clothes get sticky and the effects are not as long-lasting as they’d like. With SummaTape, you’ll get none of the mess and all of the relief. SummaTape’s adhesive is infused with premium CBD and menthol, so you get the magic of healing cannabinoids and the cooling effect you crave. If you want to get even more scientific, it includes a stabilizer called Kollidon CL-M which allows for the release of CBD and menthol through the skin to provide isolated relief to joints, muscles, and ligaments.

If you’ve just received a wonderful soft tissue massage, your body might be sore and inflamed from the pressure. Instead of taking ibuprofen, try SummaTape instead! Results are swift and they can be worn for 3-4 days at a time. Yep, it’ll keep working even when you’ve forgotten all about it. If that’s not the definition of relief, I don’t know what is.

3. CBD & Kinesiology Tape for Quick Muscle Relief

Ah, muscles. We love them for being able to hold our bodies up, set PRs, and pick up our dogs and children easily, but we hate them when they fail us. You know, like when you’re rock climbing and you try to do a pistol squat in a precarious position but instead of grabbing the hold you completely fall off the wall. Luckily, the wonders of SummaTape exist.

When you’re a day or two out from a heavy gym session or a much-needed massage, SummaTape can aid in recovery time and increase athletic performance. The science behind SummaTape is simple: the menthol stimulates blood flow in inflamed areas and works with CBD to accelerate muscle repair and improve circulation. The menthol and CBD tag team helps to support and aid in the healing of injuries. If you’re looking for a simple elevator pitch for your friends, that’s the one. Finally, let’s talk about recovery time.

4. SummaTape Decreases Athletic Recovery Time

It’s no secret that our bodies need time to rest and restore after we push ourselves to the limit. It can be easy to ignore the signs that you need to take it easy and give yourself a break, but that’s when you can really hurt yourself. Physical therapists and massage practitioners alike can probably attest to working with many folks who have come to them post-ACL surgery after one too many sprints or deadlifts. We get it, we’re competitive too, but our philosophy is listening to your body and allowing yourself time to recover.

Fortunately for you, SummaTape delivers CBD and menthol through your skin for maximum benefits. The soothing and cooling sensation not only feels good, but it allows your muscles to relax while giving you comfort and reducing swelling, too. Coupled with a soft tissue massage, our therapeutic SummaTape will not only improve performance, but it will decrease your recovery time and get you back in the gym feeling confident and strong.

Whether you’re in physical therapy, want to feel better, faster, and stronger, or are curious about the ways CBD can help you feel better in your everyday life, our unique line of SummaForte products is here for you.

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