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How SummaMix™ Can Improve Your Golf Game

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Learn about how SummaMix can help improve your golf game through:

  • NeumentixⓇ Nootropic for Improved Cognitive Function
  • FloraGloⓇ Lutein for Eye Health

Have you ever tried to slam a revolving door? 

Become a surgeon? 

Try our all-natural, melatonin free sleep aid

Learn Mandarin? 

Win an argument with someone of questionable intelligence over the internet?

The common thread between all of these daunting tasks is their shared difficulty level, which falls somewhere between “insanely tough” and “impossible.” But harder than all of these things, some might say, is an athletic feat only a select few dedicated, passionate, mentally tough individuals have the ability to accomplish…

Taking a few strokes off your golf game. 

Yes, somewhere between ending world hunger and creating an environmentally-friendly fuel that’s as cheap as it is sustainable is “going low” on the scorecard. Let me spell it out for you if you haven’t gotten the hint yet or you’re not a golfer who can relate. 

Golf. Is. Hard. 

There’s a reason why the phrase “golf is a four-letter word” exists, you know. I think most golfers will chalk the extreme difficulty of golf up to the intense focus and precise, coordinated placement and movements of multiple body parts required to actually make the little white sphere fly and land where you want it to. As if the physical challenges are not enough, there’s also the hugely important mental aspect of the game, which is like no other sport. After all, what other sports station people with “quiet” signs within 50 yards of a player preparing to take the next swing? Sneeze or cough in the backswing of a nearby golfer and you’re sent to spectator jail!  At this point, you’re probably asking yourself why on earth ANYONE would want to make this challenging and often frustrating game a hobby!?*

I’m really selling it, I know.

And while practice does make perfect, many amateur golfers don’t realize that there are things you can do outside of just hitting 100 three-foot putts in a row, chipping to a backyard target, or sending bucket after bucket of range balls towards their intended targets. Doing yoga to improve flexibility and mindfulness is extremely helpful, as is going to the gym and doing strength workouts (specifically, cable pulls) to tack on a few yards off the tee. But what if I told you (cue Morpheus meme) that you could probably take at least one stroke off your game by simply routinely ingesting CBD in the form of a delicious powdered drink mix?  

SummaMix™ is a Game Changer for Golfers

SummaMix™, one of SummaForte’s flagship CBD products, is a caffeine-free, sugar-free, and additive-free game changer when it comes to maintaining eye health and improving focus, reaction time, athletic performance, and athletic recovery. By combining a proprietary blend of Lifter CBD, NeumentixⓇ, and FloraGloⓇ Lutein into a tasty mixed berry flavored drink mix designed to be enjoyed daily, SummaMix’s groundbreaking ingredients empower athletes of all ages and abilities to stay sharp from the first tee to the 18th green - and even extra holes if necessary. No matter what your handicap may be, SummaMix™ is for you. Its ingredients and benefits speak for themselves, and the handy little stick packs it comes in make it easy to take with you to the course or wherever you’re headed  

CBD for Golfers

First, let’s discuss Lifter CBD. Sourced from an award-winning hemp farm in Oregon, SummaForte’s signature strain of CBD, with a symphony of healthy natural compounds, helps lower stress by enabling you to have a calmer mind and body. (Remember that mental aspect of the game I mentioned?) Many who take Lifter CBD report feeling a tranquil sense of balance, and feel the benefits of ingestion in as little as 15 minutes. With the effects of this Lifter CBD felt up to 10x more than competing CBD brands, it’s no wonder golfers (like myself, honestly) are opting for SummaMix™ now more than ever. From needing to find the fairway on a tight par four to making a clutch putt to save yourself from losing a match, Lifter CBD can help keep those pressure jitters and their physical effects at bay. 

Neumentix Nootropic for Improved Cognitive Function

While Lifter CBD may be SummaMix’s chief ingredient, the drink mix also has a highly talented supporting cast (or a ton of shots in the bag, if you prefer to stick to the golf-centric figures of speech) of ingredients. And one of Lifter CBD’s chief supporters is a clinically tested nootropic called NeumentixⓇ. A natural ingredient sourced from Indiana spearmint plants, NeumentixⓇ strengthens brain health and cognitive function while supporting sustained attention and faster reaction time. With NeumentixⓇ in your system, trials have shown you could get an 11% improvement in focus, allowing you to perfectly imagine your ball’s ideal trajectory onto the green of the 72nd hole of the tournament.

FloraGlo Lutein for Eye Health

So, while we know SummaMix’s Lifter CBD promotes relaxation and its NeumentixⓇ enhances focus, let’s talk about the FloraGloⓇ Lutein, which is a strong natural defense against macular degeneration. FloraGlo LuteinⓇ can help combat various eye-related health issues, vastly improving contrast sensitivity. Some have even compared the improved visual contrast benefits of taking FloraGloⓇ Lutein to seeing a bright white ball (like a golf ball or baseball) against a crisp blue sky. That means that whether you’re standing at the clubhouse nervously watching your competitors hit into the green or bombing a three-wood to set up a chance for an eagle, you’ll be able to easily track the ball you’re watching the whole time it’s in motion. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. While I can’t guarantee that drinking SummaMix™ routinely will make golf feel more like walking through the park and less like mountain biking on a unicycle, I have personally noticed that its trifecta of natural, healthy ingredients give me the sustained energy, focus, and mental acuity to get me through a challenging match. Does it cure my chronic hook off the tee?  Honestly, no! For that, I simply need to book more training time with a pro. But I do feel like the calm energy and focus are helping shave strokes off my game, and that gets me amped enough for a fist pump reminiscent of the G.O.A.T. himself.

As I said, golf is hard. You owe it to yourself to make it slightly easier with SummaMix™.

*Sorry, I don’t have enough space in this article to explain this, either. Ask a golfer and you’ll get a Gettysburg Address worth of information on why they love the sport.