How to Use SummaMix™

Article at a glance:

Learn about SummaMix, created for pro and amateur athletes to help them focus and improve reaction time. Here's what you'll learn in this article:

  • What is lutein?
  • How a nootropic can help improve cognition and brain health.
  • How the curated ingredients of CBD, lutein, and nootropic can help you focus and improve your reaction time.
  • Why trusted athletes use SummaMix because it carries NSF’s Certified for Sport®

I could write this article in three short sentences. 

“Pour SummaMix into a shaker or glass. Fill it with 8-20 ounces of water. Mix it up and drink it.”

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Yes, as you can see, I could, but I’m not going to. 


Well, reason number one is that my editor would read me the riot act. Reason number two is that there’s so much more to using SummaMix than meets the eye. 


But before I get into the best way to use SummaMix, I want to tell you more about what it is, and why you should use it. After all, you wouldn’t just put something into your body without knowing what’s in it or how that stuff might make you feel or affect you, right? (Looking at you, McDonald’s eaters.) And speaking of eating, yours truly has to earn a living to put food on the table, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is SummaMix?

SummaMix, one of SummaForte’s flagship CBD products, is a caffeine-free, sugar-free, and additive-free game changer when it comes to maintaining balanced energy, supporting eye health and clearer focus, and improving reaction time, athletic performance, and athletic recovery. That’s right folks – all of the above! By combining a proprietary blend of Lifter CBD, Neumentix™, and FloraGlo Lutein into a tasty mixed berry flavored drink mix designed to be enjoyed daily, SummaMix’s groundbreaking ingredients empower athletes of all ages and abilities to stay sharp from their first time on the pitch, court or ice until long after they’ve hung up their cleats or skates. No matter who you are or what your favorite athletic pastime may be, SummaMix is for you. And its ingredients and benefits speak for themselves.  

SummaMix Features Lifter CBD

First, let’s discuss Lifter CBD. Sourced from an award-winning hemp farm in Oregon, SummaForte’s signature strain of CBD helps lower stress and anxiety by enabling you to have a calmer mind and body. Many who take Lifter CBD report feeling a tranquil sense of balance, and feel the benefits in as little as 15 minutes due to a patented processing technology. With the bio-absorption of this Lifter CBD achieving up to 10x more than competing CBD brands, it’s no wonder athletes everywhere are opting for SummaMix now more than ever. From being at the plate down two runs in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and bases loaded to finding yourself at the foul line with 0.3 seconds left in a tie game or putting to win on the 18th, Lifter CBD can help keep calm those pressure jitters. 

A Nootropic for Brain Health, Cognitive Function, and Focus

While Lifter CBD may be SummaMix’s chief ingredient, the drink mix also has an extremely talented supporting cast (or a very deep bench, if you prefer to stick to the athletics metaphors). And one of Lifter CBD’s chief supporters is Neumentix™. A special ingredient sourced from Indiana spearmint, Neumentix™ strengthens brain health and cognitive function while supporting sustained attention and faster reaction time. With Neumentix™ in your system, you could get an 11% improvement in focus, allowing you to dial in better on the nasty sinker rocketing towards you at the top of the 12th, or to perfectly imagine the path your ball might take on the 18th green during that 20-foot putt for par.  

Lutein for Improved Eye Health

So, while we know SummaMix’s Lifter CBD promotes sustained, balanced energy and its Neumentix™ enhances focus, let’s talk about the FloraGlo®  Lutein, which serves as a strong natural defense against macular degeneration. FloraGlo® Lutein can help combat a variety of eye-related health issues and vastly improves contrast sensitivity. That means that whether you’re honing in on a high fly ball or attempting to block a laser of a slapshot coming at you at 98 mph, you’ll be able to more easily track the ball or puck the whole time it’s in motion. 

SummaMix is NSF Certified for Sport®

As if all these benefits from these curated ingredients weren’t enough, SummaMix is NSF Certified for Sport®, a designation that certifies SummaMix as having the highest safety standard for supplements. It is a requirement to be used by professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes, athletic trainers, doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and others in the athletic field. That means that NSF, which carefully facilitates the development of public health standards in over 180 countries, has endorsed SummaMix as being devoid of unsafe contaminants, prohibited substances, or masking agents. So whether you’re a beer league defenseman or a starting pitcher in the MLB, you can be 100% sure that SummaMix is benefiting you with no harmful side effects.

Now that you know what SummaMix is and how it can benefit you, I can tell you how to use it. 

Pour SummaMix into a shaker or glass. Fill it with 8-20 ounces of water (personal choice of stronger flavor versus more hydration). Mix it up and drink it every day, even on days you aren’t exercising or recovering, to enjoy the benefits. Like most nutrients and supplements, it takes time to build up in your system, so make sure that when you do use it, you give it time to work its magic! After all, good things come to those who wait, like you, who just read this article. After you’ve tried it for at least 30 days, drop a comment and let us know how you like it and work it into your routine.