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Mid/Upper Back Strain

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We've all experienced a little mid-back or upper back soreness! Here's our step-by-step guide on how to use SummaTape to help relieve your mid & upper back strain.

Let’s be honest. “Just one more” is hardly ever taken literally or seriously. Still, it almost always spells trouble for those unfortunate enough to succumb to peer pressure, lofty fitness goals, or their internal motivations. And when “just one more” is applied to the context of the gym, be it one more rep or one more set, the consequences can lead to ailments like mid-back pain, upper back strain, or worse. Sure, “back day” is just as important as chest, core, or leg day,* but you know what’s also important? Listening to your body and not sustaining an injury because you’ve pushed yourself too hard to prove a point or because you may have drunk too much pre-workout before you hit the bench. The good news is that whether you’re feeling mid-back pain, upper back strain, or perhaps an affliction even worse, the natural relief for these pains that CBD can provide is now available in an easily applicable kinesiology tape called SummaTape.     

SummaForte’s SummaTape is a CBD-infused kinesiology tape that may help alleviate mid-back pain and upper back strain through a patented transdermal delivery technology. By using a stabilizer called Kollidon CL-M that releases CBD and menthol through the skin at its application site, SummaTape provides direct relief to joints, muscles, and ligaments, as well as superior anti-inflammatory results. So whether you’re in pain due to too much fitness-related pride or simply a modest overestimation of your physical limits, SummaTape CBD-infused kinesiology tape can help reduce the inflammation ailing you. When you’re ready to put your muscles and joints at ease, check out the step-by-step instructions below on how to use it.

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NOTE: SummaTape is best applied to your neck and back by someone else, as these parts of your body can be hard to reach on your own. The following instructions will show you how to apply SummaTape to another person.

How to Reduce Mid-Back Pain and Upper Back Strain with SummaTape

  1. Stretch the skin on the neck and back by leaning forward.

Make sure the person you are applying SummaTape CBD-infused kinesiology tape to is sitting in a comfortable position, shoulders rounded, with the skin on their back and neck stretched and exposed to ensure ease of application.

  1. Tear a half-inch of backing off the end of the first strip.

This will be used to anchor strip one and will be repeated to anchor the other two 

strips as well.

  1. Peel off the rest of the backing as you attach the tape vertically from the top of the neck down to the middle of the back or wherever the pain may be.

The tape should typically be parallel to, and about an inch from, the spine. Make sure you press the tape firmly to the skin to ensure it adheres correctly. 

  1. To attach strip two, repeat steps 1-3 for the opposite side of the spine.

When step 4 is complete, the two tape strips should form two parallel lines on both sides of the spine.

     5. Tear the backing of strip three in the middle, then adhere it horizontally to the spine by tearing off the backing on each side of the tape and gradually rubbing the strip into place.

When all three strips are correctly applied, they should form an “H” shape, with the third strip overlapping the first two. Make sure you avoid stretching the third strip at the ends, as this will cause the tape to adhere to the skin incorrectly. 

  1. If there is a broader area of mid-back pain or upper back strain, apply a fourth strip of tape to the affected area, similarly to how strip three was applied. 

*Notice how I didn’t skip leg day in this article, and neither should you at the gym!