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SummaTape General Application and Removal Tips

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New to SummaTape? No problem! Check out these general tips for how to apply SummaTape to help you find relief from muscle strain and soreness after your workouts.

SummaTape is a CBD-infused Kinesiology tape that is lightweight, therapeutic tape designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity and range of motion that’s applied strategically to the body to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling, and improve performance.

Unlike other kinesiology tapes, SummaTape also delivers CBD and menthol through the skin, providing a soothing cooling sensation and producing a triple anti-inflammatory effect. The menthol stimulates blood flow in inflamed areas and works with the CBD to accelerate muscle repair and improve circulation to help support and aid in the healing of injuries.

The CBD in SummaTape Has Amazing Benefits

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 100+ cannabinoids found in the legal hemp plant. We designed SummaTape to help reduce muscle strain and inflammation by combining the power of hemp CBD with kinesiology tape. Here are just some of the known benefits of CBD: 

  • helps reduce inflammation
  • helps reduce oxidative stress
  • helps relieve aches & pains
  • has healing properties
  • can accelerate recovery

General Tips

  • Clean: clean skin with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol before applying the tape.
  • Adhesive: avoid touching the adhesive during application.
  • Hair: for better adhesion, trim hair before application. 
  • Stretch: moderately stretch the middle section of the tape while applying.
  • Anchor:  Don't stretch ends. Firmly press to anchor.
  • Reinforce: once applied, rub tape firmly with the smooth side of the paper backing to activate the adhesive.

Apply SummaTape from the Middle

  • Tear: stretch and twist in the middle to tear.
  • Peel: peel back both torn pieces exposing the middle of the tape.
  • Apply: moderately stretch and apply the exposed middle, then peel back and apply ends. Anchor the final inch without stretching.

Apply SummaTape from the End

  • Peel: peel paper backing one inch from the end.
  • Anchor: press the exposed end on your skin without stretching.
  • Apply: Peel back paper and moderately stretch tape while applying. Anchor the final inch without stretching.

General Removal Tips

  1. Start by peeling a corner or end of the tape.
  2. Peel off slowly, pressing down directly in front of the tape to reduce skin lift.
  3. Continue to press the skin in front of the tape as it is exposed until fully removed.

Tips for Sensitive Skin

  • Rub tape with warm water and soap or baby oil.
  • Let the tape soak for a few minutes.
  • Follow general removal tips, peeling the tape off slowly and pressing down on exposed skin to reduce skin lift. 
For more information on how to use SummaTape on specific parts of your body, visit our SummaTape Guide page.