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Learn how to use SummaTape to alleviate soreness after your bicep curls, shoulder raises, or from strains after an intense lifting session.

From the greatest fictional action heroes to the very real, ripped actors who play them on the silver screen, few things command a viewer’s attention, like bulky biceps. These five-fingered cannons stop moving trains, throw villains through skyscrapers, and save the world time after time, all while we gladly pay anywhere from $12-$20 a pop to witness it. But who can blame us, right? The likes of Ahnuld, Jean-Claude, and Sylvester and their peak physical fitness give the rest of us something to work towards. Unfortunately, these visual examples set by Hollywood’s biggest household names often portray unrealistic fitness goals, the roads to which can be paved with injuries resulting in shoulder pain, bicep pain, or worse. Because while we fans may see only the final result of countless hours of intense training, strict dieting, and expensive coaching, people hardly talk about the crucial role workout recovery plays in achieving these lofty fitness objectives. It’s vital to note that workout recovery is just as important as your workout itself, and things like SummaForte’s SummaTape – which combines CBD with kinesiology tape – can play a crucial part in the process.  

SummaTape is a CBD-infused kinesiology tape that may help alleviate bicep pain and shoulder pain through a patented transdermal delivery technology. By using a stabilizer called Kollidon CL-M that releases CBD and menthol through the skin at its application site, SummaTape provides direct relief to joints, muscles, and ligaments, as well as superior anti-inflammatory results. So whether you’re in pain due to trying to get biceps as big as your head or simply from a general lack of a workout recovery routine, SummaTape can help reduce the inflammation ailing you. When you’re ready to put your muscles and joints at ease, check out the step-by-step instructions below on how to use it.

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How to Reduce Bicep Pain and Shoulder Pain With SummaTape

  1. Tear about one inch of paper backing off a SummaTape strip about six inches long. 
  2. Place the exposed part of the strip onto the top of your shoulder, then rub it firmly into place.
  3. Gradually peel the paper backing off the rest of the strip as you rub the tape into place down your arm. Stretch the tape about 50% while you do this, but do not stretch the last inch of tape.