Braxton "Brax" Pierce: SummaForte Brand Ambassador

SummaForte was founded on the belief that gamers everywhere deserve an effective, healthy way to achieve and maintain peak performance. No athlete, whether in esports or traditional sports, should be forced into an early retirement because of preventable injury. For the last several months, we’ve spoken with esports organizations and athletes eager to incorporate SummaTape and SummaMix into their daily routines.

One player immediately stood out from the fold.

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Braxton "Brax" Pierce into our family as SummaForte’s debut brand ambassador. A Counter-Strike legend turned VALORANT superstar, Brax understands what it takes to succeed at the highest level of esports. He’s experienced firsthand the strain of esports training, how it can wear down a player’s fingers, hands, wrists, arms, back and eyes.

When abusing caffeinated energy drinks proved counterproductive and debilitating, Brax began searching for a better alternative. He found SummaForte:

“My community knows I’d only promote things I believe in,” said Brax. “I’ve been using SummaTape and SummaMix for a while and they’ve both helped me step up my game. The tape is easy to apply and helps my hands recover from long scrim blocks. The mix is tasty and an easy part of my daily routine. I’m excited to be SummaForte's first ambassador and an early advocate for CBD in gaming, and I look forward to helping bring healthy performance to the scene.”

Partnering with Brax underscores SummForte’s alignment with the esports and gaming space. For too long, professional gamers have been overlooked by the wider sports health and wellness community because of a misunderstanding of the risks they face. They find themselves victims of stereotype — how could sedentary gamers suffer the same injuries as an active PGA golfer or Wimbledon champion? Esports athletes are athletes, period

And, there is mounting scientific evidence behind the health benefits of cannabidiol (“CBD”) and the many other cannabinoids derived from hemp. With SummaForte, we’re bringing CBD into mainstream sports health and wellness conversations.

“Not enough people understand the physical crucible esports athletes put their bodies through on a daily basis,” said Jeff Thinnes, SummaForte CEO. “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, trigger finger, gamers thumb, tennis elbow, the list goes on, and that’s before you get to the visual fatigue caused by excessive blue light. We’re confident that SummaTape and SummaMix will work for esports athletes, and if they can work in esports, they can work in any sport.

Brax is an incredible addition to the SummaForte family. We’re thrilled he’s using SummaForte products to stay at the top of his game in a healthy, sustainable way.”

For more details on the science behind SummaForte, visit the Science section of our website. SummaTape and SummaMix are available for purchase via our Shop.