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    Beastcoast joins the SummaFam

    We are excited to formally announce our partnership with Beastcoast. They share our mission around putting player happiness and health first. Beastcoast currently has 3 teams spanning 7 gaming titles, and also have a network of content creators devoted to...
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    New and improved SummaMix + SummaTape are officially LIVE!

    We’re so excited to announce the biggest product launch in SummaForte history! We’ve been working on these products for months and are so excited to share them with the SummaFam. Our commitment to quality and science continues to be woven into...
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    GamerDoc Joins SummaForte Advisory Committee

    We are so excited to welcome Dr. Lindsey Migliore (“GamerDoc”) to our advisory committee here at SummaForte. GamerDoc advises SummaForte on the current needs of esports players and teams. A lifelong gamer, Dr. Migliore combines the legitimacy and benefits of...
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    Braxton "Brax" Pierce: SummaForte Brand Ambassador

    SummaForte was founded on the belief that gamers everywhere deserve an effective, healthy way to achieve and maintain peak performance. No athlete, whether in esports or traditional sports, should be forced into an early retirement because of preventable injury. For...
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