GamerDoc Joins SummaForte Advisory Committee

GamerDoc Joins SummaForte Advisory Committee

We are so excited to welcome Dr. Lindsey Migliore (“GamerDoc”) to our advisory committee here at SummaForte. GamerDoc advises SummaForte on the current needs of esports players and teams. A lifelong gamer, Dr. Migliore combines the legitimacy and benefits of science with her understanding of the experience of an esports athlete as she works towards creating healthier and higher-performing gamers. GamerDoc is a licensed medical doctor in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation and is at the forefront of bringing sports science to the esports space. 

GamerDoc is a Faculty Associate in the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine, editor of the Annals of Esports Medicine, and content contributor for Ezone and Learn2Esport. She also co-authored the only book dedicated to health and medicine in esports: The Handbook of Esports Medicine – Clinical Aspects of Competitive Video Gaming, published in 2021.

GamerDoc has been featured in publications such as Wired, Esports Insider, and PC Gamer.” GamerDoc is also the Executive Director of Queer Women of Esports, a Take This Streaming ambassador, a PlayVS GameChanger and she has previously served as the Advocacy Director of Women in
Games International.

With GamerDoc as a guide, we can reach new limits with important insight into gamers’ needs and the medical issues they face. We are looking forward to working with her to help gamers big and small perform at their best! Visit Lindsey’s website at to learn more about the amazing new addition to our team.