New and improved SummaMix + SummaTape are officially LIVE!

New and improved SummaMix + SummaTape are officially LIVE!

We’re so excited to announce the biggest product launch in SummaForte history! We’ve been working on these products for months and are so excited to share them with the SummaFam. Our commitment to quality and science continues to be woven into our new releases, and we topped that all off with some new packaging, holding on to the design elements that make our brand so special. All of our products now come in boxes, perfect for stacking on your desk or carrying on the go. 

Our SummaTape now comes in single 8-foot rolls priced at just $20! You have the option between slim and standard strips, perfect for trying SummaTape for the first time, or restocking if you need one size sooner than the other. We’re also now selling 16-foot double packs of our SummaTape at just $60! We heard how much you loved the soothing cooling effect of the menthol so much that we added just a little more to bring it to perfection. This serves not only to soothe your muscles but also improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

We are also excited to show off our new and improved SummaMix. It now comes in a refreshing mixed berry flavor, and mixes perfectly with a glass of water or your morning smoothie. Using our DehydraTECH technology you absorb 100% of the CBD because we believe that every milligram you pay for should go to work for you! Our nootropic, Neumentix™, is a spearmint-based superhero that helps improve accuracy by keeping you mentally agile, enabling you to recall and react better under stressful situations; perfect for those tight Warzone matches. 

FloraGLO®, the most clinically researched lutein worldwide, helps fight the debilitating effects of blue light and sunlight. It also improves visual processing speed and cognitive performance to keep you at the top of your game. It is a must-have if you look at screens all day as most of us do. 

Lastly, our Lifter CBD is supported by a team of minor cannabinoids and terpenes from the same plant. They work together, giving you a full plate of healthy nutrients to help keep you performing at your very best. 

Our new SummaMix is the perfect add to your daily routine, whether that means taking it with your breakfast or right before you hop on to game with friends. It’s unique trifecta of nutrients makes it an optimal dietary supplement for anyone that wants to level up their life. Visit us on our website to learn more!