Why should gamers care about delivery methods of cannabinoids and bioavailability?

Why should gamers care about delivery methods of cannabinoids and bioavailability?

Professor Andrea Holmes, PhD
Founder/Director of the Cannabis Studies Department, Doane University
Advisory Committee Member, SummaForte 

Amanda McKinney, M.D.
Board Member, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Cannabinoids, like CBD, are “greasy” molecules but the human body is predominantly water; and as we all learned in chemistry class, oil and water do not mix. As a result, only a surprisingly small percentage (anywhere from 6-19%) of the cannabinoids we consume are bioavailable to our bodies, to enhance our health. 

This poor bioavailability is the result of the “first-pass effect”. When we eat or drink something, the gut processes the arriving compounds, packages them up, and sends them to the liver.  The liver — a super-smart organ, efficient, and always on the job — acts as a filter and a detoxifier, making judgments about what should be immediately excreted from the body as waste and what is allowed to stick around. 

In order for gamers to stay in the zone, they need these cannabinoids in their bloodstream speeding their way to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system so they can deliver the intended healthy benefits. So what to do?

There are ways to get around the diluting first pass effect including transdermal (through the skin) application, inhalation, and intravenous administration. Consuming fat when taking a cannabinoid like CBD can also increase the CBD absorption in the body by about 3 times.  By taking a CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue), the bioavailability increases from 6-19% to about 30%. 

The other and, quite possibly, the best way to avoid the diluting first pass effect is with the use of various bioenhancement technologies like DehydraTECH, used in SummaForte’s CBD SummaMix. This sophisticated technology allows the CBD to go directly into the bloodstream once it is swallowed rather than traversing through the gut and liver. The result is blood levels of CBD that are 7-10 times higher than a sublingual oil!

The current “hit-or-miss” self-dosing situation with most CBD products is really not an optimal approach for gamers. Gamers need effective and more personalized solutions with enhanced delivery technologies that will allow the cannabinoids, and the gamer, to achieve their full potential.