Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips
Load image into Gallery viewer, One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips

One 16-Foot Roll | Slim Strips

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Our slim-strips are custom cut for easy application on narrower areas of the body such as the tops of fingers, elbows and the side of the neck - where larger strips are obtrusive and unnecessary. Each slim strip contains 2.5mg of CBD.

Includes One 8-Foot Roll of Slim Strips 

  • One 8-foot roll containing 60 slim strips (2.5mg CBD per strip)

  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation from strain or overuse
  • Pre-cut strips for easy application 
  • Flexible support to maintain full range of motion
  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic, and natural rubber-free

How does kinesiology tape work?

Kinesiology is applied with a light to moderate stretch. This subtly lifts the skin creating room for blood and lymphatic fluids to flow more freely. More flow = less pain and inflammation!

What role does CBD play SummaTape?

CBD is an anti-inflammatory. It is passed transdermally through your skin, providing local relief to joints, muscles, and tissue impacted by strain or overuse.

Ok, now tell me what makes the menthol so special?

Our menthol provides a soothing cooling benefit, which helps to reduce pain in the area of application. Menthol also stimulates blood flow, which as you learned above can help reduce inflammation in impacted areas.

How long does it take the CBD to transfer?

Our Lifter CBD will transfer transdermally over the course of about 8 hours. Results vary by person.

Still unsure whether SummaTape is for you?

Give it a try and we’ll give you your money back within 30 days of purchase if you don’t like it, no questions asked!

  • Wash - Clean skin with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol before applying tape.
  • Adhesive - Avoid touching the adhesive during application.
  • Stretch - Moderately stretch middle section of the tape while applying.
  • Anchor - Don't stretch ends. Firmly press to anchor.
  • Reinforce - Once applied, rub tape firmly with smooth side of paper backing to activate the adhesive.
  • Hair - For better adhesion, trim hair before application.

Visit our SummaTape Guide to watch videos on how to apply SummaTape to areas like your fingers, shoulders, neck, back, and more.


Custom designed performance tape for gamers and athletes

Slim Strips

Slim strips allow applications custom-fit to wherever you need them.
No more frustrating cutting and curling - just peel back, apply, and reap the benefits!

Use the slim strips on areas of the body like tops of fingers or side of neck where larger standard strips are unnecessary or obtrusive. Each slim strip contains approximately 2.5 mg of CBD to help prevent or alleviate inflammation and pain from excessive use or strain.

How it works?

Through the innovative of our delivery technology, the active ingredient in our SummaTape (Lifter CBD) is passed through the skin, allowing it to exert its effects on deeper or more distant tissues and circulate throughout the body. The structural support of the tape also enables improved blood flow and relief in pain prone areas.

How can SummaTape boost your performance?

Relieves pressure on joints, muscles, and tissue.
Helps prevent soreness from strenuous activity.
Provides structure and support for faster recovery.
Delivers fast acting and sustained cooling effect.

What the SummaFam thinks of SummaTape

Guy H. - Ex-Pro
I’ve had some issues in the past with chronic pain due to gaming. A reason I’ve stopped gaming competitively. Tried out SummaTape and played some Overwatch and all I can say is HOLY effective. Might have to pick up the controller again soon.
Ken F. (PT) - Physical Therapist
I have used lots of kinesiology tape in my practice, but never one like SummaTape. It has helped my fingers tremendously. Additionally, unlike other brands, I was also able to remove SummaTape without any pain or damage to my skin.
Charlie - Lazarus Esports CEO
I was recently in a car accident that injured my neck and ulnar nerve. Meds mask the issue but don’t help the actual problem. I wear the SummaTape during sleep and while I work and it eliminates my inflammation, swelling, and stiffness quickly. I’m so happy to have partnered with SummaForte and found products that have fundamentally improved my quality of life.

Science. Quality. Trust.

We are at the dawn of a golden age of cannabinoid discovery... I am extremely excited about SummaForte's profound commitment to be on the forefront of exploring and utilizing the full range of hemp cannabinoids in the development of bespoke solutions for gamers, athletes, and others who will benefit from their products and commitment to science and quality.”

Primary Care Physician Mass. General Hospital; Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School