Includes One 8-Foot Roll - Slim Strips

Pain and inflammation from excessive exercise or movements can compromise your performance. Recovery can drag on, holding you back from doing what you enjoy most. SummaTape keeps you in the game by helping prevent inflammation and joint swelling while maintaining a calm energy that brings superior performance and healthy recovery into harmony.  

The innovative use of transdermal delivery technology in our SummaTape enables our Lifter CBD to exert its effects on deeper tissue and circulate throughout the body. The inclusion of menthol creates a soothing, cooling sensation on the skin.

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What is in the bag
One 8-Foot Roll - Slim Strips


Slim Strips

Standard Strips

How SummaTape can boost your performance

Relieves pressure on muscles, joints and tissue.

Helps prevent soreness from strenuous activity.

Facilitates balance, calming energy and faster recovery.

Provides fast acting and soothing cooling effect.

What our costumers are saying about us

Professional Gamer
I’ve had some issues in the past with chronic pain due to gaming. A reason I’ve stopped gaming competitively. Tried out SummaTape and played some Overwatch and all I can say is HOLY effective. Might have to pick up the controller again soon.
Professional Vollyball Player
SummaTape is perfect for speeding up my recovery after physically grueling matches. The structural support for my back, coupled with the anti-inflammatory impact of the CBD and the cooling sensation of menthol, are a godsend!
Doctor of Chiropractic
I have used lots of kinesiology tape in my practice, but never one like SummaTape. It has helped my fingers tremendously. Additionally, unlike other brands, I was also able to remove SummaTape without any pain or damage to my skin.
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”We are at the dawn of a golden age of cannabinoid discovery. I am extremely excited about SummaForte's profound commitment to be on the forefront of exploring and utilizing the full range of hemp cannabinoids in the development of bespoke solutions for gamers, athletes, and others who will benefit from their products and commitment to science and quality.”