Our Story

Science. Quality. Trust.

SummaForte is a new, premium CBD brand focused on developing bespoke, science-driven products that enable both peak athletic performance and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Company

SummaForte launched with a focus on esports and gaming. Professional gamers are athletes whose muscles, ligaments and organs endure inflammation, injury and fatigue from extended use and intense exertion. After listening to gamers’ feedback regarding the lack of healthy solutions tailored to address these issues, SummaForte designed our products specifically to satisfy their needs.

Our debut product line helps remedy rising cases of mental or musculoskeletal injuries in esports that lead to long periods of forced recovery or early retirement. Due to the demanding nature of professional gaming, we’re confident that if SummaForte works for gamers, it will work for anyone else.

Our Products

SummaForte’s custom-designed product offerings are developed on the foundations of science and quality. We consulted with leading scientists, medical specialists and highly qualified business partners to develop products that equip gamers with the health benefits of CBD and other nutrients. SummaForte’s Advisory Committee consists of leading experts across a range of topics critical to achieving our goals.

Currently, we offer two signature SummaForte CBD products for purchase in our online shop:

SummaTape— Lightweight and stretchable, our cotton-spandex blend SummaTape supports muscles and ligaments while enhancing dexterity and facilitating faster recovery. The kinesiology tape’s water-based adhesive transdermally delivers CBD and menthol for a cooling effect and anti-inflammatory action.

SummaMix— A daily supplement featuring a trifecta of healthy nutrients that provide sustained energy (CBD), vision health (luteins) and cognitive acuity (nootropics). Manufactured using a patented DehydraTECH™ process from Lexaria Biosciences, SummaMix is an effective nutrient carrier that ensures faster onset and higher bio-absorption for stronger efficacy.

CBD, or cannabidiol is a popular, natural remedy used for many common ailments. We carefully select and curate all phases of our production process — from the selection of the beneficial hemp strain “Lifter” and the fourth-generation family farm that grows it, to the state-of-the-art process that ultimately creates SummaTape and SummaMix.

Our Founders

Jeff Thinnes

Jeff is an expert on legal and cultural nuances of international business, an adjunct professor and a tireless advocate for humanitarian causes. He is the founder of JTI, Inc., an international advisory firm working with foreign and US companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100’s seeking to establish, expand, or restructure their global operations. In 2020, motivated by the health benefits of CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids and the lack of an established international premium brand leader, Jeff founded SummaForte with his then 25 year-old son Murtagh.

Murtagh Thinnes

A former business consultant at Ernst & Young, Murtagh excels at crafting appealing designs, bringing a strong eye for detail and good intuition for creative and effective marketing campaigns. He’s passionate about promoting healthy performance within the gaming industry, a space that shaped much of who he is today. One of SummaForte’s core principles is that leading a healthy life and being an esports player are not mutually exclusive concepts, and Murtagh is dedicated to articulating that principle. His passion, creativity, and drive to make a difference in people’s lives will help ensure that SummaForte becomes a trusted brand in esports and beyond.