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Think Fast, React Faster: NSF Certified SummaMix™ and Its Role In the MLB

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NSF Certified SummaMix™ is a gamechanger for MLB players because of its unique ingredients designed to help increase reaction time and cognitive functioning.

Do you think you could even make contact with a 98mph pitch?

You read that right.

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We’re not talking about registering a hit, getting on base, or anything even remotely close to scoring a run. We’re talking about using faster-than-lightning reflexes and every ounce of dexterity in your body to move the bat to impact the ball in any fashion in about 0.4 seconds, maybe even less. I think maybe if I got a hundred tries I could do it once or twice.

Now imagine that ball traveling slightly slower, spinning and breaking almost a whole two feet from the time it leaves the pitcher’s hand to the time it reaches home plate (and you, standing there likely sweating profusely for a variety of reasons). 

Folks, let’s just say there are more than a few reasons I quit baseball to pursue golf after finishing eighth grade. The above scenario is merely one of them. A ball that’s stationary 99% of the time is much more my speed, the irony of that statement aside.

SummaMix™ is a Game Changer for Pro-Baseball Players

I’m not even sure if I need to say it at this point, but when it comes to Major League Baseball, reaction time is everything. From the pitches I just went over, to said pitches being hit over 100mph, rocketing towards the brave souls getting paid to play the infield, it takes a ton of guts, grit, focus, and athletic ability to play in the MLB. And with both technology and America’s favorite pastime evolving at a rapid rate, it has never been more important for every MLB player to be 100% on, 100% of the time.

If you have dreams of playing in the MLB, I can’t help you with the guts, grit, or athletic ability it takes to get you throwing strikes on Shohei Ohtani or hitting bombs into orbit like Aaron Judge. I can, however, recommend something to help boost your focus and increase your athletic performance. 

It’s not only clean, effective, and backed by a dedication to the best science available – but NSF Certified Sport® as well!

Nootropic, Lutein, and CBD – Athletic Performance in a Drink Mix

SummaMix™, one of SummaForte’s flagship CBD products, is a caffeine-free, sugar-free, and additive-free game-changer when it comes to improving focus, reaction time, athletic performance, and athletic recovery. By combining a proprietary blend of Lifter CBD, Neumentix™, and FloraGlo® Lutein into a tasty mixed-berry flavored drink mix designed to be enjoyed daily, SummaMix’s groundbreaking ingredients empower athletes of all ages and abilities to stay sharp from their first at-bat to the final pitch – even through extra innings! Let’s get into the science of why and how.

The Science Behind SummaMix™: CBD for Athletes

First, we’ll start with Lifter CBD. Sourced from an award-winning hemp farm, SummaForte’s signature strain of CBD helps lower stress and anxiety by enabling you to have a calmer mind and body over a sustained period of time. Many who take Lifter CBD feel the benefits in as little as 15 minutes, with it also achieving up to 10x more bio-absorption than competing CBD brands. This means that when you’re on the mound up one run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, a full count, and the tying runner on third, Lifter CBD can help keep the jitters at bay. While your opponent is standing at home plate ready to send one to the moon, you’ll be calm, cool, and collected, prepared to stun the home crowd with the nastiest splitter the city has ever seen.  

Nootropic for Enhanced Cognitive Functioning

While Lifter CBD may be SummaMix’s chief ingredient, the drink mix also has a couple of other All-Star ingredients. That brings us to Neumentix™. A natural ingredient sourced from Indiana spearmint plants, Neumentix™ strengthens brain health and cognitive function while supporting sustained attention and faster reaction time. With Neumentix™ in your system, you could get an 11% improvement in focus, allowing you to dial in on the wicked curveball hurtling towards you at the top of the 10th. (Yup, the batter you pitched to just a few outs ago must have been using SummaMix™ as well because this game is tied.) 

Lutein for Improved Reaction Time & Healthier Eyes

Now it’s time to bring in the closer: FloraGlo® Lutein. Handpicked with care, FloraGlo® Lutein comes from the world’s best marigold flowers in India and is the gold standard when it comes to natural defense against macular degeneration. It can also help combat other eye-related health issues and vastly improve contrast sensitivity. So when it’s the bottom of the 11th and a high fly ball is driving you back to the wall, you’ll see the ball with more clarity while looking up into the sun or stadium lights and have a better chance of making the game-saving catch. 

From catchers to right fielders, power hitters to sac flyers, SummaMix’s revolutionary formula has the power to improve any MLB – or amateur – player’s athletic performance. So, while the answer to “could you make contact with a 98 mph pitch?” might currently be no, with a little SummaMix™ and a LOT of practice, you might be surprised when your answer changes to a resounding “not yet.”

Good luck, and don’t forget that helmet.