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Nootropics...the ‘Noo’ Buzzword!

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-SummaMix formula is good for the eyes

-The power of spearmint nootropics

-Neumentix, FloraGLO, and the benefits on the eyes

Did you know that nootropics are supplements that have been shown to enhance your brain’s performance through improved memory, creativity, motivation, and attention? They work by dilating the blood vessels in the brain, which increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain improving its function and health. Natural nootropics from plants such as spearmint, protect the brain by helping to reduce inflammation that can result from toxins and aging.    

In fact, spearmint has been shown to be an effective nootropic in two different clinical trials. In one study, spearmint improved reactive agility, the ability to react to a stimulus quickly, efficiently, and at high speed, in young people (18-50 years of age). In a second study, spearmint was found to improve focus and attention as measured by a ‘continuous performance test’ in which the study participant is asked to perform a constant and difficult task for several minutes without interruptions.  

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Spearmint contains many bioactive terpenes like L-Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, and Cineol to unlock creative energy and thinking. What’s more, spearmint also helps in fighting bacteria, fungus, and environmental stress.  

By now, you’ve probably realized that nootropics can potentially help your game! In addition to FloraGLO® for visual support and Lifter’s CBD, SummaMix added Neumentix™, a high-quality spearmint nootropic, shown to improve focus, memory, and reaction time. The energy of spearmint coupled with CBD is invigorating but not intoxicating and leads to improved cognitive function and mental acuity to fight symptoms of stress, depression, and fatigue.