Shipping and Compliance Outside the United States

  1. At this time we currently currently ship only to the continental US. We hope to expand our shipping capabilities as quickly as possible, and appreciate your patience as we work towards allowing anyone, anywhere, experience our products.

  2. We welcome and appreciate comments from customers and hope that every customer is happy with our products.  However, SummaForte cannot at this time accept returns of products or parts of products from customers outside the continental US.

  3. Around the world, the laws and regulations governing the sale, purchase, shipping, and consumption of CBD and other cannabinoids vary from country to country and at sub-national levels.  SummaForte, Inc. shall not be responsible for verifying compliance with non-US laws and regulations. By purchasing SummaForte’s products, customers confirm that they are familiar and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing the sale, purchase and delivery of CBD and other cannabinoid products in their national and local jurisdictions.