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What is
Athletic Tape?

Athletic tape is lightweight, therapeutic tape designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity and range of motion that’s applied strategically to the body to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling, and improve performance.


Unlike other athletic tapes, SummaTape also delivers CBD and menthol through the skin, providing a soothing cooling sensation and producing a triple anti-inflammatory effect.

The menthol stimulates blood flow in inflamed areas and works with the CBD to accelerate muscle repair and improve circulation to help support and aid in the healing of injuries.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is one of over 100 natural compounds extracted from the legal hemp plant. CBD serves as a booster to the endocannabinoid system in your body to help regulate stress, anxiety levels, inflammation responses and cognitive function.

How can CBD help my muscles, joints, and ligaments recover quickly?

Unlike many creams and topicals that offer surface level relief, our premium CBD is passed through the skin directly to the area of pain or inflammation. SummaTape tackles inflammation right at the source, resulting in fast acting relief and accelerated recovery.

What are the effects of

Poor posture forces you to overwork the muscles in your neck and back. Your immune system’s efforts to heal those muscles spur inflammation that — over time — can lead to arthritis nearby joints. Inflammation can also be onset by repetitive stress placed on muscles, joints, or ligaments. This is common in athletes and can lead to injury if too much stress is placed on any part of the body without proper recovery.


of US adults are living with pain, with back pain being the most common type


higher chance of developing arthritis if you’re a high-performance athlete


of all athletes currently take NSAID’s to reduce inflammation

The Triple

Lifter CBD

Lifter CBD

Provides Localized Relief To Muscles, Joints, And Ligaments

  • Award winning CBD strain containing the ideal mix of healing properties for athletes
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits help relieve the toughest muscle aches and pains

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape

Reduces Congestion in Blood and Lymphatic Fluids

  • Structural support helps free congested fluids, effectively reducing inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Flexes with muscles to maintain full range of motion
  • Reinforces and rehabilitates muscles for quicker recovery

Premium Menthol

Premium Menthol

Soothing Cooling Relief

  • Maximum strength menthol puts aches and pains to rest with soothing cooling relief you can feel in seconds
  • Stimulates blood flow in inflamed areas to accelerate muscle repair

“The SummaForte guys have taken real care in developing their products, sourcing natural ingredients, and blending them with the most cutting-edge technology. Between their positive reviews, thorough research, and commitment to supporting all sorts of athletes, SummaForte is one of the most impressive CBD brands out there right now”

Sports Medicine Advisor Spotlight

We actively engage with leading doctors, scientists, and sports medicine professionals to continue to further position ourselves as a leader in sports performance and recovery.

Meet Dr. Kevin Elder

Leading Sports Medicine Doctor

Dr. Elder is a renowned sports medicine doctor based in Tampa, Florida. He looks for creative solutions for injuries and pain, helping patients and athletes optimize function. Dr. Elder has extensive team physician coverage experience and is currently team physician for the U.S. Soccer and U.S. Ski teams.

Meet Dr. Tom Klein

Leading Orthopedic Doctor

Dr. Klein is an expert in sports injuries, surgical repair, and rehabilitation. He has been recognized in several issues of the Washingtonian Magazine as one of the top orthopedic doctors in the region and has treated some of the the DC area's most elite athletes over the past twenty years.

Meet Kevin Pillifant

Leading Certified Athletic Trainer

Kevin Pillifant is a Certified Athletic Trainer and expert in functional movement, exercise and rehab, manual therapy, Graston Technique, and kinesio taping. He has worked with the NFL, Major League Baseball, X Games, United States Paralympic Ski Team, United States Luge Team, and MLS Soccer.